Friends in Lots of Places

Do you have a favorite performer? Maybe a band, an athlete or even an actor? They are all performers, right? Well, everyone who knows me KNOWS my FAVORITE performer is and has been Garth Brooks for the past 27+ years! I have had the privilege of meeting him on May 7, 1997 and then kinda met him again in Las Vegas on June 24, 2016 in front of an entire arena on his concert goers (see video at the end of this blog).

Back in the 1990’s, I attended many concerts and was also part of an internet group of fans called “Planet Garth”. While being a part of this group, I made several friends. This was back when the internet was pretty new and it was weird “friending” people across the country! But I did make a couple connections with a couple life-long friends, MY GARTH-FRIENDS!

Two of the Garth-Friends that I had in the 90s are still my friends today – Nancy from California & Teresa from Alabama! Almost 25 years of friendship, all because of the man-Garth Brooks! Nancy and I met up at many concerts over the years, including The Wynn Show in Vegas, 2010. In July 2016, Brian and I were able to visit her in her Redondo Beach, California home and admire all the Garth memorabilia she had showcased. I adore this woman & she adores me and GARTH!

Tammy & Nancy – Garth-Friends for almost 25 years

Fast forward about 14 years, Garth is out of retirement and back on an arena World Tour. During this tour, I had was able to attend several concerts in various cities throughout the country! Again, I became a member of several internet fan groups. Particularly through concerts and “Garth Brooks Believers” on Facebook, I have had the honor of meeting several more Garth-Friends!

In Charleston 2016, my cousin, Jessica, and I met Michael Fleenor (TN) – who is an awesome drummer! Brian and I have loved traveling to Nashville to watch his gigs! However, we won’t be able to see him much anymore in the small venues, because he’s currently traveling & making television appearances as the concert drummer for “The Queen” – Trisha Yearwood.

My cousin; Jessica Lynch, Me and Michael in Charleston, SC

In Indianapolis 2017, I met up with Amy Jacobs (PA) FINALLY! I had been talking to Amy for awhile and had bought a couple t-shirt’s from her for various cities we had attended concerts together. We would wave to each other from our seats across the arenas and text each other about our concert experiences! Amy rocks, she has been to over 127 Garth concerts…and you thought I was his biggest fan! She continues to have shirts printed for each city so her Garth-Friends can showcase the “Love One Another” mantra and she’s still attending every show she possibly can! Through Facebook Live videos and tons of CLOSE UP pictures, Amy will share her experiences with those of us less fortunate who may not be able to attend a show. Thanks, Amy!!!

Amy Jacobs, from Pittsburgh, PA and ME in Indy!

In the front row at that show in Vegas, Brian and I met Jessi Nicoletto (IA). Jessi and I have become best of friends. We are what I like to call “Garth-BFFs”! Brian and I have met Jessi and her boyfriend, Ryan at several other cities on Garth’s tour and we frequently meet in Nashville to hang out at Scoreboard or on Broadway. This past summer, Brian and I traveled to their small town of Moravia, Iowa to share the fun of a fundraising event she planned for her community. She always stops in Louisville to see me on her trips through our city for lunch or just a quick SELFIE!

What can I say? I love Jessi, my Best Garth-Friend!

That night in Vegas was several monumental moments for me, there was also a brand new performer opening for Garth for the first time. His name was Mitch Rossell (TN) and he was AWESOME! His song “Raised by the Radio” had the crowd rocking. We have been following Mitch on social media and love when we can catch him performing in Nashville and in other cities! Mitch has a new single out called “All I Need To See” …check him out at MitchRossell

Brian, Me and Shelly Werner with Mitch Rossell
at a Garth Tribute show in Nashville – 2018

I have a friend I met through Facebook who lives across town from me! Jennifer Jackson (Louisville, KY) has the 2 most adorable children and a love for Garth like mine. It’s always nice to see her posting on our Garth groups and know she’s just across town from me and I can stop in and see her anytime. Although, we’ve yet to meet – and I even have a t-shirt for her.

Last but not least, meeting Allie Colleen (TN) & her husband, Jonathan, has been nothing less than amazing! We met this young lady and her then boyfriend, while she was performing at a venue in Louisville, August 2016. We realized that evening that we had met her and Jonathan at a Garth concert in Louisville earlier that year (twice actually)! We have watched this COOL KID work really hard to grow into a very hard working and talented young superstar and our friend! Brian thinks Garth is great, but honestly, he prefers to see Allie’s LIVE shows and talk guitar with her!! Her first single, Work in Progress” was released on July 10th 2019 …and she has lots more to come! Check her out at AllieColleen

Me, Allie Colleen & Brian
Bardstown, KY 2017
Allie Colleen and Me at Scoreboard in Nashville
September 2019

I just wanted to highlight exactly how the love of someone, something…can bring us to PEOPLE LOVING PEOPLE! Garth has no idea all the friendships HE has created just by being the entertainer he is…Past, Present and Future. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my Garth-Friends all around the world!

The above mentioned are just a FEW of the friendships I have made online or at a concert through Garth – others include Melissa, Valerie, Bubba, Jason, Lisa, Adam, Kimberly, Allen & Matt! We’ve also met other up and coming stars through these shows-Matt Wynn, Paulina Jane & Caitlyn Ochsner!!

I hope to someday get to thank Garth personally
for all HE & these friendships mean to me!!

Me and Garth Brooks
May 7, 1997
GARTH signing my poster during the June 24, 2016 concert in VEGAS

P.S. The Definition

Since beginning this Blog and having it almost completed, I was able to get my term published on the Urban Dictionary!!! Check it out….

Are you a Garth-Friend? Please Share, Like and Comment!!! It’s never too late to become one of us!

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